Recorded 1/13/2015

Behavioral Economics studies how people make financial decisions and this has practical applications for financial planners. From "priming" clients with our scope of engagement through presenting our plans using future dollars presents many opportunities for us to make it easier for clients to understand and take action. This session will introduce the behavioral economic concepts and some easy to implement communication strategies that will make it easier for clients to own and implement plans.

Carol Craigie, MA, ChFC, CFP® is a psychologist turned financial planner who has broad experience in the wealth industry. She was a successful producer and sales manager who personally closed over $74 million in investments in one year utilizing the financial planning process while working for Norwest Bank. Carol became the Director of Financial Planning for several large organizations including Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and Key Bank, where she designed, implemented, and supervised multilevel financial planning services with thousands of advisors, brokers, trust officers, insurance representatives, portfolio managers, and client wealth advisors. When Carol retired from managing planning in large institutions, she became a consultant on behavioral economics as it applies to financial planning and a full-time professor with the College for Financial Planning, where she has designed and teaches their CFP capstone course, "Financial Plan Development." You can contact Carol at

Complexity Level: Intermediate