Welcome to the College for Financial Planning’s monthly audio series, Financial Planning Perspectives 2007. This month’s presentation, August 2007, will focus on “Developing a Retirement Income Hierarchy” by Frank R. Vidin, CFP®.

Author: Frank R. Vidin, CFP®

Frank Vidin has been in the financial services industry since 1980 and has held the CFP® certification since 1982. In addition to having his own financial planning practice and serving as an OSJ branch manager, he spent six years working as a planned giving specialist for nonprofit organizations, developed 20 financial seminars that were used by financial professionals across the United States and Canada, and was senior training consultant for a major international financial services company.

Since retiring in 2005, he has taught extensively for the College for Financial Planning through the Mentor Program, in the Master of Science Degree Program, live review sessions, and the audio series. Frank also provides web and live training programs for other clients.

Complexity Level: Advanced