Recorded 10/13/2015

This webinar will explain the four main hedge fund strategies. We will analyze the benefits and risks of investing in hedge funds and bring students up to date with the latest trends and regulations of hedge funds industry.

Presenter: Jim Pasztor, CFP®, MPAS®, MSF

Jim Pasztor, vice president of academic affairs at the College for Financial Planning, is also involved with several of the College's investment courses and the white paper series. He is a CFP® practitioner, and has earned the MPAS® designation and an MSF degree in Financial Analysis, both from the College for Financial Planning. Jim is a member of NAPFA, FPA, IMCA, and the CFA Society of Colorado, and was awarded the 2014 Edward D. Baker III award from IMCA for his paper "Endogenous Risk and Dangers to Market Stability."

Complexity Level: Intermediate