Recorded 6/14/2016

In this session we will examine the emotional transition to retirement, a time for many that is full of uncertainty and sometimes even regret at having retired. Because it is harder to “unretire” than it is to make a well-thought-out decision about retiring in the first place, we will discuss how to help your clients through this decision process. Finally, part-time employment offers many retirees the opportunity to stay productive, achieve a sense of accomplishment, and even remain socially engaged--all while transitioning to an eventual full retirement. We will explore ways to make semi-retirement work for clients who wish to work part-time.

Kristen MacKenzie, MBA, CFP® is an Associate Professor at the College for Financial Planning. Kristen has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, both as an active financial planner and as a provider of financial education. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Economics and later received her MBA at the University of Colorado. You can contact Kristen at

Complexity Level: Overview