Recorded 10/11/2016

The study of investor behavior is known as behavioral finance, and it has been gaining in momentum and importance. In fact, in 2002 a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Daniel Kahneman, whose work involved integrating both economics and psychology. Learn how to identify and address various irrational biases, in order to better understand and serve your clients.

Jason G. Hovde, MBA, CFP®, APMA® is the investments professor at the College for Financial Planning. Prior to joining the College, Jason had a financial planning/investment advisory practice and was a branch manager for one of the largest independent broker/dealers in the country. Additionally, he spent several years with another independent broker/dealer, first as a trader and options principal, and then as a member of the senior management team. Jason holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in accounting and the other in behavioral science from Metropolitan State University of Denver, as well as an MBA in finance and accounting from Regis University. You can contact Jason at

Complexity Level: Overview