Recorded 11/8/2016

Oftentimes portfolio management is handled as a standalone process, and is not really integrated into the entire financial planning process. If a client’s main focus is on short-term portfolio performance then the advisor has not done an adequate job educating the client as to how portfolio management fits into the big picture of their overall financial plan. This webinar will help advisors position portfolio management as just one “piece” of the financial planning “pie,” and help both the advisor and client focus less on what the market is doing, especially in the short run, and more on the importance of a thoughtful overall portfolio management strategy as part of the client’s “big picture” financial plan.

Jim Pasztor, vice president of academic affairs at the College for Financial Planning, is also involved with several of the College's investment courses and the white paper series. He is a CFP® practitioner, and has earned the MPAS designation and an MSF degree in Financial Analysis, both from the College for Financial Planning. Jim is a member of NAPFA, FPA, IMCA, and the CFA Society of Colorado, and was awarded the 2014 Edward D. Baker III award from IMCA for his paper "Endogenous Risk and Dangers to Market Stability." You can reach Jim at

Complexity Level: Intermediate