This module covers the numerous debt offerings available. These include government and public bonds, asset-backed securities, and structured mortgage-based products such as collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) and credit default swaps. Preferred stocks and using yield curves to make investment decisions are both also addressed.

3-1 Explain terminology, characteristics, and sources of risk of government and corporate debt securities.
3-2 Explain the structure and regulatory concerns of asset-backed securities (ABSs).
3-3 Understand how mortgage-backed securities (including CMOs, CDOs, and CDSs) are structured and how they affect the mortgage industry.
3-4 Explain contributing factors of the housing and economic crisis of 2008.
3-5 Explain terminology and characteristics of preferred stocks.
3-6 Evaluate the investment implications of yield curves.

Author: Craig Kinnunen, MS, CFP®

Craig Kinnunen, MS, CFP® is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning. Prior to joining the College, Craig enjoyed a long and successful career in personal financial planning and wealth management. Craig’s enthusiasm for financial planning extends beyond the classroom, as he also spends time providing pro bono financial education and individual financial counseling to members of the Colorado National Guard. Craig earned a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Northern Michigan University and followed that up with a master of science degree in finance from the University of Colorado in Denver. You can contact Craig at

Complexity Level: Advanced