This module looks at various investment strategies advisers can use when constructing portfolios including buy and hold, contrarian, and active versus passive management. Time value of money is covered along with calculations using a financial calculator. Planning for retirement topics are also addressed from retirement needs analysis and dealing with sequence of returns risk to determining a safe withdrawal rate while in retirement.

10-1 Analyze various investment strategies and choose the appropriate strategy based upon the investor’s circumstances.
10-2 Identify factors that undermine an effective investment strategy.
10-3 Apply time value of money calculations to a given investment problem.
10-4 Describe issues impacting retirement needs analysis.
10-5 Analyze a situation to determine how much money will be needed for retirement.
10-6 Identify issues related to determining a safe initial withdrawal rate.

Author: Craig Kinnunen, MS, CFP®

Craig Kinnunen, MS, CFP® is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning. Prior to joining the College, Craig enjoyed a long and successful career in personal financial planning and wealth management. Craig’s enthusiasm for financial planning extends beyond the classroom, as he also spends time providing pro bono financial education and individual financial counseling to members of the Colorado National Guard. Craig earned a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Northern Michigan University and followed that up with a master of science degree in finance from the University of Colorado in Denver. You can contact Craig at

Complexity Level: Advanced