Recorded 12/5/2017

Cryptocurrencies are all the buzz lately, and their claims of revolutionizing global economics are both daringly bold and understandably controversial. But what exactly is a cryptocurrency? In this webinar we’ll take a look at the main features of cryptocurrencies and give a basic breakdown of the importance of hashes, consensus algorithms, and the blockchain itself, and discuss their implications to the financial planning industry.

Mitchell Valentine, RP®, the graphic and web designer at the College for Financial Planning, has a keen interest in the merger of technology and education. He has been an education innovator and curriculum developer in China, a reality television personality in Sweden, and is deeply involved in the FPV drone racing community in the U.S.. Mitchell is currently working to establish new education programs in the area of cryptocurrency and its implications to the financial planning industry, and is pursuing his master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from the College. You can contact Mitch at

Complexity Level: Overview