Life insurance is designed to protect against the risk of untimely death. Health, disability, and long-term care insurance are designed to protect against the risks associated with illness and injury. Many sources of coverage are available against these risks. These sources of coverage typically include the government, group coverage offered by employers, and individual plans. As you might imagine, just as there are a great many insurance providers, there is also a wide variety of the types of insurance designed to protect individuals against this assortment of risks. This module will review the features and provisions associated with the various types of insurance, and provide guidelines on how much coverage is appropriate.

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Michael Angell, CFP®, EA is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Creighton University. His 20+ years of work experience includes banking, insurance, investments, retirement, and estate planning. In addition to his responsibilities at the College, Michael also serves as a private client services advisor with an independent investment firm and is also a federally licensed tax practitioner with a nationally recognized company. You can contact him at

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