Many businesses, as they grow and prosper, look for ways to reward the employees who helped make that success possible, recruit new employees, and reduce their increasing income tax burden. For many years, qualified retirement plans have been effective vehicles for accomplishing these business objectives.

Generally, small, closely held businesses are not knowledgeable about the numerous types of retirement plans and their selection, design, installation, and administration. Accordingly, such businesses consult those who are qualified to give advice in this area. Those who would offer professional advice in this area need to understand the various types and characteristics of retirement plans (i.e., IRAs, SEPs, and SIMPLEs, as well as defined contribution and defined benefit plans) and when they are appropriate for the employee demographics of a particular business. In addition, retirement plan advisers must understand at least the basic principles of the following topics:

Many of these subjects are nuanced and can be extremely complex. Aspects of retirement plans that seem simple and straightforward are encumbered by a maze of tax rules and exceptions that few people fully understand. This program will help you to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the entire process of retirement plan selection, administration, and management.

Complexity Level: Intermediate