Renewal Requirements

Designees are sent an email notice in advance of their renewal deadline. Designees will renew in the same month in which they were initially conferred the designation. The online renewal process is available to designees starting four months prior to their renewal due date.

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Following initial conferment of one of the College for Financial Planning's professional designations, authorization for continued use of the credential must be renewed every two years. There are three renewal requirements:

  1. Code of Ethics
    • Standards of Professional Conduct. The Code establishes minimum standards of acceptable professional conduct for persons authorized to use one of the professional designations.
    • Self-Disclosure. Designees must disclose of any criminal, civil, self-regulatory organization, or governmental agency inquiry, investigation, or proceeding relating to their professional or business conduct. Initial conferment and renewed authorization to use the designation is contingent upon the College for Financial Planning's review of matters either self-disclosed or which are discovered by the College that are required to be disclosed.
    • Terms and Conditions Statement. The Terms and Conditions statement outlines designees' rights to use the College's Marks and acknowledges the rights of the College to protect the Marks from unauthorized use by individuals or entities.
  2. Renewal Fee
    • As part of the renewal requirements designees pay a non-refundable renewal fee for each designation being renewed. The $95 renewal fee is for a two-year period. A late fee (non-refundable) of $10 per designation is incurred if all renewal requirements are not completed, received, and accepted by the College for Financial Planning by the renewal due date.
    • Designees holding two or more designations may elect to pay a Multiple Designation Renewal Fee of $95 and create a single renewal date for all their College designations. The $95 fee covers the renewal fee for all designations for a two-year period.
  3. Continuing Education (CE)
    • A CE requirement begins immediately upon initial conferment of the designation. As part of the online renewal process, designees execute an electronic statement (attestation) affirming appropriate CE credits have been earned during their two-year authorization period.
    • Designees are required to complete sixteen (16) continuing education credits (hours) per designation within the two-year authorization period. MPAS® designees are required to complete forty (40) continuing education credits within the two-year authorization period. In most cases, the same course will fulfill requirements for two or more designations

The following documents provide details on the Professional Designation Renewal Requirements: